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October 18, 2019

seasonal, downpour, and listening to the game
posted by soe 1:34 am


Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. Today was cool and fall-like and I got to wear my new jewel-toned autumnal clothes.

2. Yesterday, it rained. It had been so long since we’d had precipitation that I could even forgive it cancelling my volleyball game.

3. Rudi and I were both tired on our drive back from Connecticut, and the radio was not being cooperative by playing something that didn’t annoy me. Eventually, I asked if the Yankees game was on, and Rudi was able to pull that up. There was a lot of background noise and the announcers and players were mostly new to me, but there is a cadence to baseball broadcasting that is common and familiar and comforting. (Plus, the Yankees have a woman doing color commentary for them, so Rudi and I got to spend some time learning about her and other female sports broadcasting trailblazers.)

How about you? What’ s been beautiful in your world lately?

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