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June 26, 2019

posted by soe 1:06 am

Last weekend, I encountered three new-to-me flowers:

Amidst the showy tiger lilies at the park, are these less flashy yellow lilies:


I am not sure this rogue daisy paver in its bed of pea gravel is any safer for our neighbors than the inset drain cover it’s sitting atop, but it’s pretty:

Daisy Stepping Stone in a Drain Cover

Finally, I caught a few of the By the People installations at the Smithsonian’s Art & Industries building on Saturday night, and this stairwell piece — Engage Urban Greening by Stevie Famulari — was my favorite. As the artist wrote, this seemed a simple solution for areas suffering from urban blight, since each paper flower is embedded with seeds that will grow into living flowers:

Engage Urban Greening by Stevie Famulari

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