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June 26, 2019

posted by soe 1:06 am

Last weekend, I encountered three new-to-me flowers:

Amidst the showy tiger lilies at the park, are these less flashy yellow lilies:


I am not sure this rogue daisy paver in its bed of pea gravel is any safer for our neighbors than the inset drain cover it’s sitting atop, but it’s pretty:

Daisy Stepping Stone in a Drain Cover

Finally, I caught a few of the By the People installations at the Smithsonian’s Art & Industries building on Saturday night, and this stairwell piece — Engage Urban Greening by Stevie Famulari — was my favorite. As the artist wrote, this seemed a simple solution for areas suffering from urban blight, since each paper flower is embedded with seeds that will grow into living flowers:

Engage Urban Greening by Stevie Famulari

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all are lovely images

Comment by jkathy b 06.26.19 @ 12:31 pm

“People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.” (Iris Murdoch)

Comment by Karen 06.27.19 @ 5:00 pm

Am very glad you enjoyed the piece. Over 1,400 seeded paper pieces were given out to the public by Saturday afternoon. The seeded paper sculptures from the installation are now being sent to people nationally and internationally to plant. Greening Forward!

Comment by Stevie 07.05.19 @ 7:15 am