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November 10, 2018

autumnal weekend planning
posted by soe 1:52 am

Today was grey and dreary and involved a trip to the vet for our older cat, Jeremiah, whom, I suspect is suffering from kidney disease. I expect to hear from the vet on Monday that it’s time to start him on a regimen of fluids. But other than a little stiffness when he first gets moving after a nap and some excess thirst, I think he’s doing well for a 16-year-old cat.

While the weekend is looking drier and sunnier, it’s also looking chilly, which means that I’ll be breaking out the woolens. Here’s some of what I’m hoping the weekend includes:

  • Donate some more books to the Friends of sale at the library.
  • Go on a couple bike rides in the sunshine.
  • Bake an apple crisp. (I made applesauce tonight.)
  • Poach my quince. (The top ones in the bowl remain unblemished, but I noticed the one at the bottom has become less pristine over time.)
  • Take photos of some socks.
  • Write some book reviews.
  • Finish reading Lethal White.
  • Buy a couple plants at the local nursery’s end-of-season sale and plant them in the garden. (They had strawberries and arugula when I stopped by earlier this week.)
  • Water my African violets. (I watered the orchids when I brought them home from the office, but the violets are probably parched.)
  • Do laundry. (Including wool socks, which means I need to stop by the yarn shop for more wool wash.)

How about you? What are you planning to do this weekend?

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