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August 6, 2018

multi-modal weekend
posted by soe 1:30 am

Sunday Sunset

The highlight of this weekend was hanging out with my friend Julia. She wanted to check out the artisan pop-up booths at the new Wharf development and I was content to do that.

I biked down to Hains Point (a peninsular park that juts out into the Potomac where the Anacostia River empties into it), where there were empty bikeshare docks (as opposed to the more popular Wharf stops) and hopped aboard the new six-passenger jitney boat they run back and forth across the harbor. Obviously, if you can take a boat to your destination on a sunny summer Saturday, you should avail yourself of that option. Sadly, the ride was over in two minutes, but still…

I had a very delicious slice of blueberry lemon curd pie and a cup of tea at the hardware store/bike shop/cafe while we chatted and then Julia and I did a couple loops of the Wharf shops and restaurants and the fish market before we needed to catch the metro so she could get to her evening plans. It was a pleasant way to pass the afternoon.

The weekend also included time at the garden, the donation of more than 50 books to the Friends-of sale at my local branch library, a re-watch of the original Mamma Mia, a nap, an ice cream cone (rocky road), reading, knitting, sleeping in, the farmers market, and watching the sunset at the park with Rudi.

How was your weekend?

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