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August 4, 2018

first august weekend plans
posted by soe 12:56 am

My solo Friday evening plan — to watch Black Panther out in a local park — was rained out, so I pivoted, ordered a ridiculous amount of Thai takeout (including a very tasty dessert), and watched an episode of Miss Fisher instead.

Tomorrow will be busy. I need to gather and then run book donations to the library, then stop at the garden, where an emergency vine-pulling work day has been called. I’ll also harvest some tomatoes and some beans while I’m there. My friend Julia and I are finally getting together in the afternoon, after our plans were cancelled due the rain two weeks ago. Depending on how ambitious I feel, I may make my way over to Solid State Books on H St., N.E., after we part ways, since they’ve moved into their permanent spot since I stopped in back in the spring. But I did just buy books last weekend, so maybe I should wait some. We’ll see. There’s also some festival taking place at Malcolm X Park tomorrow afternoon and evening that I could swing by, as well. Or maybe I’ll just come home and knit. Or go watch Mamma Mia, although Rudi would be disappointed to miss that…

Sunday I’m hoping for more low-key: Sleep in. Farmers market. And since the heat is due back, possibly reading by the pool. Maybe reading in the pool. Maybe just a long nap at home. There’s a theater event over in Arlington that involves procuring discounted tickets for their upcoming season, but it’s all the way across the river, so the odds of my feeling motivated by then are pretty slim. Rudi should be home by suppertime, so that will be nice.

Other things I should do:

  • Wash laundry.
  • Bake.
  • Paint my nails.
  • Pay bills.
  • Trade in my summer reading voucher for baseball tickets.
  • Buy cat litter.
  • Send some cards.
  • Figure out why my fountain pen isn’t working.
  • Find my coffee table.
  • Dance around the living room.

How about you? What’s on your to-do list for the weekend?

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