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February 22, 2018

ravellenic unraveling
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Joining in today with Kat for Unraveled Wednesdays:

Ravellenic Unraveling

In my print reading, these are the two books I have going. The Stars Beneath Our Feet is a YA contemporary and The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly is a novella (akin to Animal Farm) translated from Korean. (I figured I’d read a South Korean writer during the Olympics, and this was one of the few I found recommended that seemed like it might be a good fit. Apparently, it’s been adapted for both a comic book series and an animated film. I need to read Strange the Dreamer soon; it was due back to the library almost 10 days ago.

Finally, audiobooks. Having finished listening to Magpie Murders today at work (while cutting and pasting text from one website to another), I’m about to begin a new audiobook, American Street, which I have to polish off before the end of the weekend, when its expiration date is on Overdrive.

With my Ravellenic Games sweater not working out, I’ve moved on to WIPs. This is a shawl I started two years ago, which just needs to have a final border knit. I have a couple other projects I plan to move on to after this.

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February 21, 2018

‘if it were up to me’
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Cheryl Wheeler’s been singing this for decades now:

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February 20, 2018

presidents’ day weekending
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It was a weird weekend. I woke up Saturday with a migraine, which refused to be placated by caffeine, food, ibuprofen, or sheer will, and so lost most of the day sleeping it off on the couch. I awoke in the evening feeling significantly better, which was good because the cats were out of wet food and there may have been a mutiny if I’d forced them to eat dry food for supper just because I wasn’t feeling up to going shopping for them. I finished knitting the first sleeve of my sweater and reading Wonder Woman: Warbringer, watched some Olympics, and called it a day.

Yesterday, I hit up the farmers market, caught the tail end of the Lunar New Year parade downtown, and attended an impromptu birthday dinner for a friend. I got in a lot of bike riding and walking, since the weather was so nice, and also spent some time sitting in the sun knitting and listening to my audiobook. I checked out a pop-up bookstore (one that pops up in another shop, as opposed to one selling only pop-up books, but I’d shop at that one, too), looked at picture frames, and had a nice phone conversation with my brother (who also celebrated a birthday last week). It was a full and lovely day. And then…

I wanted to cast on the second sleeve of the sweater, but to do that, I needed to move the first sleeve off that needle. So I went hunting for something to put it on. I couldn’t find a second 4.5 mm needle at first, so I pulled out a 5 mm needle, but that looked so big next to what I’d been knitting on. I knew I had another 4.5 mm needle hiding somewhere, so promptly tore through all my knitting bags (for the second time in four days; I’d needed more interlocking stitch markers and they’d been lurking in a bag, too) and came up with it. I could just cast the second sleeve on with it, I thought, but then I worried this needle might be more likely to catch on the fragile yarn and decided to just transfer it. It was a tight fit getting the stitches onto the new needle, but I made it work. The experienced knitters among you right now may be feeling slightly queasy right now, already sensing where this story is going…

Turns out I knit the first sleeve on a 3.5 mm needle (a US 5), rather than a 4.5 mm (US 7) needle. I had started this project six years ago, had swatched (and gotten gauge after washing it), had made notes in Ravelry, and then had put the needle and yarn aside. When I pulled the ribbing off the needles earlier this month, it hadn’t occurred to me to check to make sure everything was okay. Now, it should be noted that I had cast the sweater on twice. The first time, it was gigantically wide. The second time, which is what I’d found, it was with this needle, and that waist is more in common with my own. However, I don’t think I’d swatched with this needle and I have absolutely no idea how the yarn will behave once I’ve given it a soak. So I guess I’ll do that with the first sleeve and make sure it doesn’t do anything weird before continuing. But I do feel much better about how long that 20″ sleeve took me, given the needles were two sizes smaller than I thought I was knitting on!

(TL;DR: I will not finish a sweater by next weekend.)

Dragon in the Lunar New Year Parade

Today just got off on the wrong foot, having been awakened at my normal weekday hour by Jeremiah throwing up. I turned down friends’ invitation to go to a movie because I was going to the play at the library, but then I didn’t get there in time. My weather forecast assured me it would be a nice day, if cloudy, so the sweatshirt I was wearing proved inadequate for the afternoon of mist we had. I did get to the library and I took myself out for hot chocolate afterwards. I got dockblocked, I missed buses, there are no women’s volleyball sneakers to be tried on in the local area… Today, I just was Alexander. So I came home, thinking maybe to try salvaging the day by baking something, and fell asleep on the couch with a Jeremiah parked on me to make sure I stayed put, which was probably the right answer all along. I am still trying to decide whether I keep plodding away on the sweater for the next week (knowing it’s not going to give me a medal) or if I try knitting something small and new (likely my Valentine’s Day hat) or attempt to get a few lingering WIPs finished (probably the smartest decision, but really not a satisfying one) as I shift my Ravellenic hopes from one event to another.

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February 19, 2018

with apologies to the snowbound amongst you
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Hydrangea Leaf

That’s a hydrangea leaf. I saw plenty of daffodils with their shoots sticking straight up today. I expect I’ll see a few flowers tomorrow, or maybe Tuesday at the latest, given our forecast includes sunny skies and warm temperatures.

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February 18, 2018

beribboned cat
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My mother put ribbons on the packages she sent for my birthday, in part because she knows I love wearing them around after I’ve taken them off the gifts. This time I decided to share the wealth:

Beribboned Corey

Corey is not unlike Rudi in that he tends to stick his tongue out while working on a problem.

Panicking Corey

His solution was to panic. Luckily for him, I’m only a little mean, so I quickly removed the bow back to my own wrist right after we got this shot.

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February 17, 2018

presidents day weekend to-do list
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I’ve got a long weekend ahead of me and am hoping to fill the time with some of these activities:

  • Knit on my Ravellenic Games sweater. I’m still on that first sleeve. If I don’t have the second sleeve done by the end of Monday, I don’t think it’s finishable by next weekend and I should pull out some WIPs to cross off.
  • Finish Wonder Woman: Warbringer and Magpie Murders.
  • Hit the farmers market. I need milk.
  • Go to the library.
  • Attend a play. Conveniently, there’s one at the library on Monday.
  • Get some exercise. I’ve been feeling sloth like. The weather is not going to help with this item.
  • Vacuum. The living room rug is filthy.
  • See if I can find some volleyball sneakers to try on. I struck out at the sports store near me.
  • Bake. Maybe a cake. Or some cookies. I just got a new cookie cutter for my birthday.
  • See Black Panther. If I can find a non-morning show that’s not sold out, which has been a challenge.
  • See if Target has some picture frames. Marshalls and TJ Maxx have been letting me down.
  • Watch some Olympics. Because tonight’s women’s Super had a snowboarder win it on borrowed skis and Nathan Chen land six quads.
  • Get some sleep. The boys are waiting for me, since Rudi’s gone again for the weekend.

How about you? What do you hope to accomplish this weekend?

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