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August 19, 2016

against the odds, snack time, and improvement
posted by soe 9:38 am

I had plans to record this week’s three beautiful things after Rudi went to bed last night, as is my wont, but then I got so busy finishing books and making knitting progress that I didn’t next recall that plan until after I was in bed. I gave a brief thought to getting up and rectifying the situation, but as both laptop and phone were in the living room, I decided to stay where I was.

So here we have three slightly late beautiful things from my week past:

1. Twice over the weekend, we saw plants that were growing out of cracks in the sidewalk. Not just crab grass or weeds, but a tomato plant and petunias.

2. The organization I work for is looking to make some changes, so they’ve been requesting a lot of feedback. To bribe folks to fill out a survey, they promised a treat if we hit a certain percentage of responders, and we did. Yesterday they delivered with hand-made ice cream sandwiches from the local cookie truck.

3. Rudi had surgery on Monday to remove the hardware he had put in when he broke his leg two years ago. He’d been in a lot of pain lately, and although the first 12 hours post-op were unpleasant (apparently the drugs they used burn as they leave your system), he’s been feeling far less these past few days and has cut his pain prescriptions back significantly. He’ll still need another surgery, probably in the next year to replace his hip, but it’s really nice to see him feeling better for however long that lasts.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world lately?

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