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June 22, 2016

ten things on this summer’s bucket list
posted by soe 2:21 am

So neither of my go-to Tuesday memes interested me today especially: I listen to audiobooks while knitting, driving, and doing the dishes, but prefer baseball games on the radio or music for most other tasks, and while I’ve read seven 2016 releases this year, I have yet to hand out five stars to any of them.

So instead, I’m going to answer the meme I was too busy vacationing last week to write about: 10 Things on This Summer’s Bucket List:

  1. Visit Theodore Roosevelt Island. It’s three miles from my door (maybe less). I’m finally getting over there. Related: Visit Kingman Island on the other side of town.
  2. Make ice cream, yogurt, or popsicles once a week. Related: play volleyball regularly.
  3. Get to the pool or beach every week.
  4. Take in an outdoor movie at least every other week, preferably every week. (This is my favorite way to catch up on recent releases to “video” and classics I’ve missed. Pending more weather, we’re catching Mister Roberts in our local park later this week.)
  5. Read in our hammock. (I need to check if there are rules stating I can’t suspend things from trees in our closest park. I know I can take the portable stand one up there if I can dig it out of our building’s storage closet.)
  6. Attend an outdoor concert. Something big would be nice, but I’d settle for one of the free Fort Reno shows.
  7. Freeze fruit (and maybe veg) for the winter. (I like the idea of canning, but really need to work with things that require minimal storage/equipment.)
  8. Eat picnic suppers outside once a week. Perhaps in conjunction with the movies, but maybe not.
  9. Go to the midnight release party for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the book version of the script of the new West End play.
  10. Finish two knitting projects. Any two.

How about you? What are you hoping to cross off your list this season?

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