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January 27, 2016

posted by soe 4:47 am

With Snowstorm Jonas dumping a couple feet of snow on Washington, D.C., and closing our transit system for several days, I got an unexpectedly long weekend out of the deal. A lot of that time was spent shoveling (ten hours, give or take, over three days), since the keys to dealing with snow in the city are finding a place to put it (so stake your space early) and getting to it before passersby tromp it down to an immobile, icy mess. Between that and both of my volleyball sessions and a concert being postponed due to the venues being closed and then a couple days off from work, I’d probably declare the storm a wash.

A Neighboring Stoop

I ate a lot of chili that Rudi prepared for me before taking off for the weekend and drank a lot of tea, chai, and cocoa.

Cocoa with Valentine's Sprinkles

I baked brownies and made ciabatta for the first time (okay, my bread maker did the dough mixing, but I still had to do some work, so I’m counting it!).

The Stairs: Saturday Afternoon

I watched three movies on dvd and an early episode of 21 Jump Street on tv (in addition to a bunch of things I normally watch).


Rudi and I went for a walk and stopped for hot drinks (it did take three tries to find a cafe that was open).

Rudi at Pleasant Pops

I read a book (but only one, because I was feeling particularly mopey).

View from the Window Well: 16 Hours In

I did a lot of laundry (thanks to one of the owners of my local yarn shop, who went digging into her purse to find quarters to give me as change when I realized neither Rudi nor I had gone to the bank for a roll before the city shut down).

Icy Galoshes

I took several naps, sometimes even on purpose.

Car: Pre-Shoveling

Car: Post-Shoveling

I stayed in my pj’s all day.

Jeremiah and Corey

I painted my nails.

R Street: Saturday Afternoon

How about you? How was your weekend? If Jonas visited you, how did you pass the time?

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