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February 4, 2015

posted by soe 2:10 am

We head to Hungary in a month and I have been doing some reading in anticipation of our trip.

Currently, I am most excited by the thermal baths spread throughout the city. I’m wondering if Rudi will find it excessive if I plan to go every day while we’re there.

Second on my list of things to look forward to are the cake shops. Please note that my guidebook suggests these are not bakeries and are not cafes, but are, in fact, places wholly devoted to selling and/or serving you cake. I am in.

Third are the retro gardens or ruin pubs, which are bars set up in alleyways, abandoned buildings, and other “lost” spaces. Since I don’t drink, I don’t know why exactly these rank so high on my list, but they totally are. I was relieved to read that many of them should be open in March.

If you’ve been to Budapest and have any recommendations for must-do/must-see items, I’d love to hear them.

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