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March 7, 2014

texture, films, and flowers
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Three beautiful things from the past week:

1. A blanket of snow lies on the slope alongside the escalator down to the metro station, softening the terraced surface into pleats.

2. Rudi and I saw both Frozen and The Wind Rises last weekend in our effort to fairly judge among the animated Oscar nominees. Both films were enjoyable, if very different, and the latter was especially moving as it is a biopic period piece set in Japan in the early 20th century. (If you aren’t a fan of reading your films, there is a dubbed version made with a decidedly Anglo cast, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, among others. I can’t speak to it, but it’s filled with big names, so I assume it would be well-acted, if very white.)



Snowdrops in the Snow

Outside, I see the first croci of the season and snowdrops in the snow. On the indoor plants, I have new buds on my blooming orchid and fresh blossoms on my African violet.

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