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August 13, 2012

ravellenic affection status: fail
posted by soe 2:22 am

Ten Olympic Nails

The Olympic Games ended earlier this evening with a fun, music-filled closing ceremony. I have spent way more time in the past two weeks parked in front of the tv than I should have. I watched a lot of sports, from swimming to track & field, from volleyball to basketball, from rhythmic gymnastics to water polo. And I did a lot of knitting on my Ravellenic Games project.

The evidence:

Color Affection at the Close of the Olympics

That would be my Color Affection Shawl.

I’ll be ripping out quite a bit of it starting tomorrow.

Bunchy Edge

See that bunchy edge? It’s not supposed to look like that.

The culprit would be the yarn I’m carrying up the side for the color changes. Even though I was trying really hard not to make it too tight, clearly I did.

The Problem

I had deluded myself this was something I might be able to solve during the blocking process, but early this morning I realized that what was more likely to happen is that I’d catch the edge of the finished shawl on something and it would snap, leaving me with a big problem.

So, I’m sucking it up and ripping it back to at least the beginning of the three-color section. The two-color section is also tighter than I’d like it to be, but I still feel like that part might be remedied by blocking.

I’ll get my shawl yet, just not today.

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