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August 2, 2012

ten things about today
posted by soe 2:52 am

Sarah used this prompt yesterday and I’m stealing it because I’m just too tired to write a proper post:

  1. I began this morning by watching Olympic cycling on tv.
  2. This afternoon, I finished the novel I was reading about Olympic track cyclists. It was really good, and I will get you a review before the weekend.
  3. I wore a shirt to volleyball today that proclaimed “No such thing as a rain day.” I was totally hoping today’s game would be rained out.
  4. Our volleyball games have been moved from being conveniently just over the river from me to being half an hour away by Metro. The only consolation is that the central branch of the Arlington County library is adjacent to the new field. This means I now have an Arlington County library card. I feel like I should try to get one for Montgomery County next.
  5. The humidity level must have doubled between when I went out to grab a sandwich this afternoon and when I came home from volleyball. This meant that I actually took advantage of the free “transfer” between the orange and red lines at Farragut. (By transfer, Metro means that they won’t charge you two fares if you get off at Farragut West and get back on within 15 minutes at Farragut North.)
  6. I fell dead asleep on couch when I finally got home.
  7. My nail polish collection has grown yet again. Today I added black.
  8. I bought a skirt online today. It is supposed to be reversible — one side hot pink and the other an orchid purple color. This guarantees it will not fit me properly and I will have to return it.
  9. The corn on the cob that was only so-so last night was delicious tonight in Rudi’s succotash adaptation.
  10. Olympic knitting has fallen off the uneven bars, but has gotten back up, hoping to salvage the routine. I’ll update more in a few days.
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