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May 29, 2012

ten on tuesday: goals for this summer
posted by soe 9:30 pm

Following close on the heels of the traditional summer kick-off weekend, this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic asks for 10 Goals for This Summer:

  1. Eat breakfast outside more often. I tend to get a slow start on weekends, so it seems like a natural antidote to that would be to pack my thermos of tea and a breakfasty food item up to the park. Once I’ve left the house, it’s much easier to stay out, even if I do have to stop home once in a while.
  2. Prepare more salads. This will require finding a reliable protein source for Rudi — chickpeas might be an option. They appear in my favorite pre-made lunch salad.
  3. Ride 25 miles on the bike with minimal stoppage. I can bike home from the ballpark without having to stop and rest my legs, but that’s just about five miles. As I really only like to bike to destinations (work, a ball game, a snack), I should pick someplace 25 miles away to go see. Of course, then I’d have to get home from someplace 25 miles away… Does that mean I’ll need to be able to bike 50 miles in a day? Getting to this goal may require some more thought.
  4. Engage in icy treats. I have failed in my plans to make popsicles the past two weekends, but that’s clearly because I was waiting to be able to add them to this list. I also was given an ice cream maker this winter, so I’d like to make some homemade ice cream. I have already worked some daiquiri-making magic, but can you ever have too many strawberry daiquiris in a summer?
  5. Get to the beach at least once a month.
  6. Go camping.
  7. Finish my Ravelympics and Tour de France knitting projects on time, whatever they may be.
  8. Hone my bubble-blowing skills. I used to be able to blow bubbles inside bubbles with some ease. I am out of practice, but did pull it off a couple times Saturday night. After all, who doesn’t need to add that kind of skill to her resume?
  9. Bring laughter to strangers (and friends).
  10. Defy gravity.

What’s on your summer goals list? I look forward to reading about them, be they vague or specific, selfish or selfless, personal or public.

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