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May 13, 2012

posted by soe 11:48 pm

Fragments of a weekend:

  • A last-minute invitation to join Susan, Phillip, and Holden for dinner.
  • A repeat viewing of the Sherlock season premiere — this time with less interference from traffic blotting out the clever lines and plot points.
  • Knitting — a pair of Rudi’s socks made some serious progress.
  • Reading — Scumble has sucked me in.
  • Chores, but too few.
  • Gardening — the first strawberries have been harvested, there’s a solitary pod amongst my pea flowers and two tomatoes growing on the low-light plant, and the dozen plants we purchased last weekend were jammed into the plot. The lack of progress among spinach and lettuce varieties remains puzzling.
  • A trip to Estonia seems appealing.
  • Farmers market — morels and strawberries and potatoes are the highlights.
  • A 12-mile bike trip (longest of the season!) along the C&O Canal. No ducklings or deer this trip, but lots of turtles and five families of geese with a total of 22 goslings.
  • Cupcakes.
  • Calls home.
  • A dance party in Dupont Circle — hula hoopers and urban dancers whose breakdancing and African dance skills would have tickled the heart of Lydia Grant.
  • Curry dinner in time for Sherlock.
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