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February 29, 2012

gift day
posted by soe 4:09 am

Today is February 29, which means that it’s a rare breed, a blue-moon kind of event — something to be celebrated rather than taken for granted.

(Yes, I know leap years have been celebrated with regularity since 46 B.C., but that doesn’t really change the point. How many have occurred in your lifetime?)

So, how will you mark this special day? Will you plan an indoor picnic? Call an old friend? Drive to the beach? Eat dessert first? Take a trapeze lesson? Put on your favorite album/song/playlist, turn up the sound, and dance around the living room — with a special someone or by yourself, singing along at the top of your voice?

However you choose to celebrate, I hope you make it your own. Remember, today is a gift day — and no one is going to know if you waste it but yourself.

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