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August 5, 2011

week ending
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Amanda does a post on Mondays that lists what she and her family did over a weekend. I thought I’d adapt it to share what I did this week:

Sleep until noon after Rudi leaves for a bike ride.

Then up for sock knitting and Beach Party on Netflix for a summer-themed afternoon.

A ball game in the evening with my favorite pairing — the Mets and the Nationals.

Our seats are in the full sun, so we stand on the concourse and watch the game from behind the pricey seats.

When the concession stand that serves veggie burgers turns out to be out of patties, the line cook offers to make me a patty-less burger and then gives it to me for free. It was delicious.

Our blueberry supplier still has blueberries — and a second crop of luscious strawberries.

Off to Georgetown to the National Pinball Museum. After an edifying trip through the museum portion, we spend an hour pulling plungers, flipping the ball toward targets, and aiming for high scores. Rudi is best at the Guns ‘n’ Roses game, while I excel on a Jurassic Park machine. We both struggle with the games from the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s, which require a different set of skills than modern machines. [Note to locals: The museum is being booted out by new owners (who presumably are looking for higher-end clients) after Labor Day, so head over this month if you want to check it out.]

Time for nourishment! Cupcakes at an outdoor cafe table. Mine is called smurfette — lemon with blueberries. Slightly alarming name if thought about too long…

On to the garden! It hasn’t been watered in days… Long, grateful gulps of water. A few tomatoes to pick. A squash to watch. No beans yet.

Money back from Connecticut because my car lived there only one month out of 12 last year. Surprise money is the best kind. So are honest bureaucrats.

Fort Reno to listen to bands. And eat pie. But mostly to hear music. Loose Lips is the best of the three groups. Cooler air; cloud lightning.

A customer service plea finally gets the right answer. I am grateful.

Cooler weather lasts. Make time to sit outside for a few minutes to eat lunch.


Lots of episodes of Numb3rs while I test knit a sock.

The second part of The Woman in White — finally! I didn’t think it was possible to read this slowly.

A blackberry and cream popsicle.

Jazz at the Sculpture Garden — and space on a bench to sit.

Home with the cats.

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sale, drippy, and deely-boppers
posted by soe 1:02 am

Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. The sign reads, “The boss is on vacation. Sunflowers: $1” I come home with a medium-sized, yellow-centered sunflower to cheer up the kitchen.

2. A rain shower finally helps break the heat that has gripped D.C. It feels good to have water cascading down from the sky. I sit outside for a while and then open the window when I get home.

3. A crowd of teenagers board the metro train with me. One boy is wearing sparkly green shamrock deely-boppers.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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