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June 1, 2011

2010-2011 tv season
posted by soe 1:39 am

Back in early October, I wrote about what we were watching/planning to watch on tv. I thought I’d offer an end-of-season wrap-up to share what made the cut and what didn’t:

Favorite show: Castle. We didn’t miss a single episode. Strong writing. Solid characters. A season finale cliffhanger. What more can be asked for?

Runner up: Bones. Similar accolades. We were watching both new episodes on Hulu (Fox reception gave up the ghost mid-year.) and first-season episodes on NetFlix, which may explain why we still have two episodes to catch up on before our season is truly complete. (No spoilers, please!)

Favorite comedy: The Big Bang Theory. I was delighted when we regained CBS aerial coverage, enabling us to watch this still funny nerdfest. Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch made excellent additions this season as geeky girl scientists.

Favorite musical: Glee. There was the to-be-expected sophomore slump in the first half of the year. The writers seemed to want to try to provide some narrative continuity and fill in some of the gaping plot holes I complained about last year, but surprisingly it was to the detriment of the show. The second half of the year was definitely superior. Also, too many single act episodes. Darren Criss made an excellent addition to the cast and I hope his character returns next year. I liked the story arcs with Brittany as a major player and was disappointed that Quinn’s story seemed to be neglected this year. I’m always a fan of any time Chris Colfer or Amber Riley start singing and hope to hear more of them next year. And if you haven’t seen the penultimate episode of the year yet, please do make sure you check it out on Hulu immediately.

Favorite new show: Blue Bloods. The cast is tight and I enjoy family-centered dramas like this. We didn’t catch every episode, and particularly fell off at the end of the year, but are really glad we caught most of them.

Still pretty good: The Mentalist. Enjoyable when we catch it, but never something we seek out on the internet. The writing has gotten predictable, so I’m glad the writers seem to be moving the show along in its narrative.

Chuck also fell into this category in the latter half of the year, when my workdays started getting longer, making it less likely I’d be home by 8 to catch the start of the show. I’m glad they’ve given them a final half season to wrap things up, and it feels like it’s finally a good time to allow them to do that.

Sorry to see it go: The Good Guys. I really liked this quirky buddy cop comedy, but apparently I was in the minority.

Favorite mini series: Sherlock Holmes. If you haven’t seen this four-story modern interpretation of the world’s favorite detecting duo, quickly get yourself to the library, video store, or NetFlix (where it’s just been added as a streaming option). The casting is phenomenal, the writing is tight, and the adaptation is pretty much perfect.

Best of NetFlix: Dr. Who. We’re two Doctors behind the current iteration and having a blast.

Also, in addition to watching back episodes of Bones as noted above, I’ve quite enjoyed having access to the first season of Numb3rs, which I’ve missed having on tv.

Lost interest: Raising Hope. I liked it while Fox was coming in, but when we lost the network, I had no interest in tracking down episodes on Hulu.

What were you watching this year that you recommend? What failed to hold your interest for 22 episodes?

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