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June 9, 2011

reunion, trying something new, and chocolate
posted by soe 2:45 pm

Rudi and I are off again tomorrow, this time to Salt Lake. I feel rushed and cranky, but am sure that once the leaving (which I hate) is past, the traveling and being elsewhere (which I like) will be fine. We’re staying at a hotel this time, so I’ll try to post once or twice while we’re there.

In the meantime, though, here are three beautiful things from my week past:

1. Our 15th college reunion last weekend was nice. We saw some people we hadn’t seen in a while, wandered around campus seeing what had and hadn’t changed, and generally enjoyed a nice homecoming over a picture perfect weekend. Plus, we got to play frisbee on Harkness Green with a blue sky above and a view of the Long Island Sound just to our south. Lovely!

2. The Big Three pizza places in New Haven conspire against us on Monday, but we make a quick adaptation and request a pie to go from Abate’s, which is next-door to Pepe’s. We eat Italian ice while we wait for our pizza to cook and then each have a piping hot slice in the car before continuing our drive back to D.C. Abate’s might be second-tier in New Haven, but that’s still better than pretty much anything around here. (I still love Pete’s in Columbia Heights, but Rudi and I fear their quality has slipped a smidge with their expansion beyond the original location.) I’ve had pizza lunches twice this week, and there are still two slices in the fridge for tonight when we get back from the concert.

3. I am having a cranky day. There are leftovers from a meeting, which include chocolate cake. The scent of chocolate frosting wafts across my desk, causing my brain to brighten up instantly.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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