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February 23, 2011

random ten for the last wednesday of february
posted by soe 7:47 pm

You know you want to play along. The rules: Press random play/shuffle on your iPod/cd changer/computer and then ‘fess up to the first ten songs your player spits out.

These are from my work computer:

  1. “Fenario” — Richard Shindell
  2. “Back to Me” — Rita Hosking
  3. “Raglan Road” — Tommy Sands
  4. “The Whole World in His Hands” — Laurie London
  5. “Kitchen Table and Chairs” — Rita Hosking
  6. “The Cuckoo” — Peter, Bethany, and Rufus
  7. “The Boxer” — Simon & Garfunkel
  8. “Children, Go Where I Send Thee” — Peter, Paul, and Mary
  9. “Groupie” — Kelli Ali
  10. “Grey and Green” — Richard Shindell

Huh. We have a particularly low-key mix here, with “Groupie” being the only song that remotely leaves the quiet folk realm and even then it’s hardly loud or really up-tempo.

Feel free to link to your blog or to share in the comments.

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