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October 18, 2010

favorite things swap 7
posted by soe 11:43 pm

My Fave Thing 7 Swap Package

Last week was not all awfulness, since this package arrived for me in the mail. I have participated in the Favorite Things swaps on Ravelry before and am always excited to get packages filled with someone else’s favorite things in the mail.

Cassandra took great care of me, and I find we have many favorite things in common. She likes chocolate. I like chocolate. She likes tea. I like tea! She likes cookies — and really delicious oatmeal chocolate almond cherry cookies, at that. I like cookies and ate the whole package up! (Okay, I may have shared them with Rudi. He had a crappy week last week, too, after all.)

And, of course, we both like yarn. Cassandra sent me lovely indigo blue sock yarn made of merino, cashmere, and nylon that I believe she dyed herself. And then she sent me two patterns for socks to knit.

It really was a terrific package to receive last week when I was feeling so low. Thanks, Cassandra!

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