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October 6, 2010

ten on tuesday: fall
posted by soe 12:19 am

This week’s Ten on Tuesday topic from Carole is Ten Things to Love about Fall:

  1. Halloween: I believe that once upon a time this holiday was relegated to the kids, but no more. Adults have finally remembered how much fun it is to play dress-up. Plus, you get to carve a pumpkin and eat … er, I mean … hand out chocolate.
  2. Thanksgiving: Another great holiday filled with eating, watching parades, and hanging out with the family. Plus, it marks the beginning to the Christmas season. But that’s another post.
  3. Cooler days: While I love a hot day at the beach, I’d much prefer to count a year’s days that top 90 degrees on a single hand. Since this year I’d have to work through both of mine and then borrow six more friends’ hands, finally reaching several days of 60s and 70s in a row has been lovely. Plus, for the first time in months the a/c isn’t going 24/7.
  4. A change in wardrobe: D.C.’s weather usually leaves us with all of our clothes strewn about the apartment, waiting to figure out if you’re really done with tanks and shorts until December. But at the same time, you do get to be reunited with your long sleeves and jeans and handknits.
  5. Faster knitting production: While I do keep knitting year-round, you definitely slow down when your yarn starts to stick to you in June. I have a new pair of socks (pictures tomorrow, maybe) that I finished on Sunday night and am plowing away on several others, as well as a hat for a friend.
  6. Cooler nights: With the window open, the Burrow cools off at night, which encourages cuddling, pulling up the duvet, and snuggling with the cats. Also, cozy pajamas, which I love.
  7. The World Series: My team, the Mets, did not make the playoffs this year, nor did the hometeam, the Nationals. In instances like this, I root in favor of teams in the Northeast (Boston first, then the Yankees) and against the Braves. Finally, I root for the National League over the American League, because the designated hitter rule is stupid. Yes, it is a complicated system of sometimes conflicting allegiances.
  8. Fall foods: Soup is no longer too hot to contemplate. Stews re-enter my life. Apples and their various baked dishes become a mainstay, as does hot apple cider.
  9. My folks: October contains my parents’ anniversary (38 this year) and both their birthdays. It always seems like the month is a bit of a tribute to them.
  10. Fall foliage: The colors of the mid-Atlantic are not as luscious as those of New England, lacking, as they do, the vibrant sugar maples. Yes, their golds are lovely, but it’s just not the same without those glowing reds. I’m feeling a little bittersweet about including this one because there is a possibility I won’t get home to see the New England colors this year for the first time since moving away. My heart breaks a little bit about it (particularly in combination with the previous item), but I saved it for last to minimize my likelihood of ending up in tears. Think it worked?

What do you love about the fall?

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