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August 8, 2010

just checking in…
posted by soe 12:03 am

Sarah and her brother and I had a fun time last night at the concert. If you like peppy bands with eclectic instrument choices, do try to check Arcade Fire out when they tour near you.

Today, as yesterday’s post said, my only task was getting the old futon frame and mattresses outside so they could go to live with someone new. I checked that task off my to do list by mid-afternoon and was able to spend some time outside reading before my yoga class. After a shower I headed up to Silver Spring to meet John, who shares an appreciation for John Hughes films with me. We watched The Breakfast Club at the AFI and then Metroed back to Columbia Heights for a slice of pizza. Quite a nice way to spend a Saturday.

Tomorrow holds another yoga class, the farmers’ market, and a trip to the garden. I’m also hoping for more outdoor time with my knitting and book — and maybe some time catching up with Susan. Here’s to a lovely triumvirate of great August days!

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