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August 6, 2010

how to pass the weekend…
posted by soe 1:58 pm

Rudi is out of town this weekend, preferring to spend his Saturday with a Mountain Mama than with the other residents of the Burrow.

Not to be outdone, I’m heading up to Columbia with Sarah tonight for the Arcade Fire concert. I don’t really know any of their music, but I like the genre of music they fall into. (In other words, I know I’ve heard their music played before, since Rudi owns both their earlier albums, but I couldn’t identify any of their songs or pick them out of a line-up of other musicians.) I suspect it’ll be a good show, and, freed from having to sing along with the songs I know, it should offer song good people-watching opportunities.

The rest of the weekend is as empty as a chalkboard on the last day of school.

It’s not entirely true. I do need to move the old futon out to the street so someone else in need of sleeping materials can take it home. We thought it more likely to find a new owner if it was dry, rather than putting it out ahead of yesterday’s predicted downpours.

But I don’t figure that’ll take a large part of my Saturday. How else shall I entertain myself? I have new books from the library. I have a growing pile of half-finished knitting projects that need attention. The weather looks nice — mid- to upper-80s and sunny, so some gardening time is definitely in order.

Leave me some recommendations in the comments.

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