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January 2, 2009

feel-good ending, friendship, & generosity (& light)
posted by soe 11:21 am

I realized after I went to bed last night that it was Thursday and that, for the first time, I’d forgotten to put up a three beautiful things post. I considered dragging my tired butt out of bed so as not to mess with tradition, but since I was coming to work today, I thought better of it. So today you get yesterday’s post of three beautiful things from the previous week:

1. Our annual New Year’s Eve movie marathon had a rather shaky portion to it (more on that this weekend), but we ended strong with Bedtime Stories. It was everything I want in a fairy-tale: an affable hero, a villain you can root against without remorse, and a happy ending.

2. I got the chance to see both BW and Karen while home at Christmas, as well as to make a Christmas night phone call to Grey Kitten — a good end to 2008. And yesterday we spent time with the Cap Hill gang with a wonderful New Year’s Day brunch, before I was able to catch Erik on the phone for a long-overdue chat. I love spending time with my friends and hope that this is part of a larger theme for this new year. Here’s to more phone calls with those far away and more gatherings with those nearby.

3. Rudi and I decide at the last minute to add two more doughnuts to our drive-through Dunkin’ Donuts order on the drive home. The woman at the window hands us a bag filled to the top and tells us she’s added a few more for free.

The beautiful thing I thought of last night as I was falling asleep that I told myself twice not to forget eludes me right now. If I remember it, I may share an addendum…

Why is it that hitting publish suddenly brings it to mind?

4. We change our return plans so that we are driving home at night. The lights along the Garden State Parkway cheer us, since New Jerseyites are possibly the most festive and ardent outdoor decorators I know and whole neighborhoods seem to participate. A mobile park along Route 1 offers tin soldiers at the entrance — and the most vibrantly lit tree. It stands at least two stories tall and every branch is coated with white lights. It literally glistens in the breeze as a beacon to road-weary travelers. I wish the people who decorate the official National Christmas Tree on the Mall would call them up for some tips.

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