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November 3, 2008

monday morning music: we are family & yes we can!
posted by soe 7:06 am

Gay rights are family rights. Support love and equality. Vote NO on Proposition 8 in California and NO on Ballot Question 1 in Connecticut.

(Video created by the We Are Family Foundation)

And vote YES for change — elect Barack Obama.

(Song by Stacy Beyer)

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a day in the country
posted by soe 1:29 am

My knitting group decided that we wanted to do a fall yarn tour. Back in the spring a number of the knitters spent the day touring local yarn shops and there was some talk of repeating that until Lucy came up with a better idea. We would contact Gretchen, a local farmer who sells her yarn at the Dupont Circle Farmers’ Market, and see if she’d let us come out to her farm.

Lucy dropped Gretchen a line and the three of us worked out details. Gretchen said that Solitude would be at a Loudon County farmers’ market in Leesburg on Saturday morning. Would we like to come to the market to buy some yarn and then join her at the farm afterwards?

Why, yes, yes we would.

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