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October 17, 2008

my d.c.: across the border, franklin’s
posted by soe 11:05 am

Across the District line is Hyattsville, a small Maryland town with a very nice yarn store. And right across from the yarn store? Franklin’s Brewery, Restaurant, and General Store.


Franklin’s is half brew pub and half general store. The restaurant is on the lower half and offers tasty fare of both a meaty and a meat-free variety. I’ve enjoyed every dish I’ve had there — from fish and chips to a peach salad to a delicious and ridiculously huge vegetarian cottage pie. And the desserts are also lovely, but if you want dessert, I’d suggest going the salad route so as to have room at the end of your meal.

Upstairs is the bar. Franklin’s brews their own beer, as well as offering a reasonable slate of other beer. They also make their own root beer, which I heartily endorse.

The Marching BandThe Kitchen

They’ve really made a nice use of the space, adding colorful paint, bright tablecloths, and cheerful artwork.

The Space

Once you’ve eaten and drunk your fill, pay your bill and then cross into the old one-room hardware store, where you’ll find more stuff than you can think of what to do with.

Need beer or wine? They’ve got several aisles filled with it — in cases and in singles and domestic and from around the world. They also offer a supply of hot sauce, as well as penny candy.

Want to decorate your kitchen or bathroom? They’ve got soap, candles, pancake flippers, and butter dishes. They’re particularly strong if you like to decorate with color and with fun prints.

They also offer alarm clocks, banks, aprons, and pet toys.

And that’s just the back of the store.

Head up front and you’ll find the toys of your childhood.

Rudi in the Magic DenEverything You Need -- Plus a Lot You Don't

Board games, kites, jokey gag items á la Spencer Gifts, bouncy balls, toy cars…

I’ve bought a couple of Smurfs there, as well as some Silly Putty…

And, Grey Kitten, the front windows house the stuffed animals. I assume it’s so they feel almost like they’re free to go outside if they want. Or maybe it’s so they can pretend not to be real when they see grown-ups coming…

A Child's DreamThe Franklin Front Window

I’d definitely recommend heading north to Hyattsville for a visit to Franklin’s if you have a chance (and a car). It’s well worth the visit.

(As always, click on the photos to see a detailed view.)

I think Hillary is the only other person to post a My D.C. this week.

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