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October 5, 2008

weekend recap
posted by soe 11:51 pm

I suppose it ought not to surprise me that weekends fly past (particularly when I sleep past 11 each day), but it does nevertheless.

Friday night was the final night of jazz in the sculpture garden. The ground was sopping (it hadn’t rained for two days!), so we all sat on plastic bags on top of our ground cover, but still managed to have a nice night. Unwilling to admit that the season had come to a close, we stood around under the silver tree until the guards kicked us out. We’re mulling a Friday night game night instead for the chilly months, as that could still be an informal potluck type thing, but would still give us a nice way to end our weeks together.

Saturday was a nice, sunny day, so John, Rudi, and I walked down to the Smithsonian’s International Gallery to catch the final weekend of the Jim Henson retrospective they were running. It was a really fun exhibit, with many of the muppets we remember, clips of Henson’s original D.C.-area commercials, and a great interactive area for kids to explore their creative side. The only down side to the exhibit was that they wouldn’t let you take photographs, not even without a flash. The exhibit is a traveling one, so, if it’s going to be anywhere remotely near you, I encourage you to visit.

We followed that up with pizza up at the New Haven-style pizzeria in Columbia Heights. Pete’s Apizza does it better than anyone else in D.C. and I woke up the next day with a burnt roof of my mouth. Connecticut residents will recognize this as a strong testament indeed. John’s new condo is only a couple blocks away, so he let us come hang out and watch old movies on his giant t.v.

Today was a gorgeous farewell to summer (I hope), with 80 degree temps and bright sun. After a trip to the farmers’ market, I ended up at the garden, where Rudi and I got the lettuce plants into the ground and harvested some more tomatoes and beans. I swear, at this rate, I’ll still be picking beans at Thanksgiving. We concluded the weekend with an American’s sentimentalized view of Paris — Funny Face.

I do love weekends… How was yours?

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