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August 14, 2008

citius, altius, fortius
posted by soe 11:20 pm

Three beautiful things from this past Olympic week:

1. Michael Phelps seems to be part eel. Nearly every time he gets in the pool, a record breaks.

2. Because I was a volleyball player in high school and college — and a remarkably sucky server — I am always so impressed by the jump serve. You throw the ball up two stories in the air with sufficient English to keep it near you, run forward several steps, and then jump up and hit the ball with your hand hard enough to make it fly forward over the net (and hopefully into a spot not occupied by an opponent).

3. The Chinese men perform on the gymnastics rings as if they’re standing on the floor. Their moves are fluid and, as Rudi points out, you can just watch the different muscle groups kick in as the gymnasts swing from one move to the next.

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