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August 3, 2007

you still come here for the knitting?
posted by soe 4:54 pm

Silly people!

It seems that I have difficulty reading and knitting at the same time. I mean above and beyond the normal reading and knitting simultaneously. But I find that if I’m on a reading kick, my knitting suffers and vice versa.

And then when I do finish a project, I don’t take a photo.

But, today, I have a finished object — a pair of them, in fact! — complete with photos!


These are a pair of footies I made out of a single ball of Cascade Fixation. This is my first contribution to the Summer of Socks Knit-along that I joined back in June.

I made up a pattern in June to make a similar pair for Mum and decided after I was done that I absolutely needed a pair for myself. I had a single ball of Fixation in this colorway of teal, blue, and purples — some of my favorite colors — and knew immediately this was the yarn I was looking for.

Clearly, I like color:


(Please pardon the mud on my sneakers. This was the pair I was wearing during the rain storm Shelley and I got stuck in last Friday, and I haven’t cleaned them yet. But they do give you a feel for my wardrobe, don’t they?)

I’m wearing them today and absolutely love them, particularly the eye of partridge heel. It makes such a pretty design! There are definitely more pairs of these footies in my future.

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