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May 25, 2006

freezer, substitute eateries, and cat hat
posted by soe 3:50 pm

Three beautiful things from the last week:

1. I picked up rhubarb at the farmers’ market a few weeks ago as well as the farmer’s favorite recipe for rhubarb-ginger sauce. Last night I went to make it and was able to because I’d frozen a hunk of fresh ginger last summer.

2. We’d made plans to meet up with friends for a get-together at a downtown pizza joint, Matchbox, at 5:30 on a Saturday evening. When we arrived, it was already packed and couldn’t accomodate our party of five for 45 minutes. We put our names down on the list but decided to see what else was available. We wandered down H Street into Chinatown and ended up at Tony Chen’s, which is divided into an upscalish Chinese restaurant and a Mongolian barbecue. We opted for the latter and no one seemed to miss the California-style pizza we had originally planned to sup upon.

3. Recently, Jeremiah has returned to one of his periodic sleeping spots — curled up on my pillow. I don’t know what makes him choose that spot — or what makes him vacate it — but it’s very reassuring to awaken to a snuggly kitty by your head.

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