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March 27, 2006

home again
posted by soe 7:23 pm

We have returned from our trip to the Northeast, laden with new books and good memories. Or maybe good books and new memories. Both.

I haven’t yet counted how many books came home with us. I know two went north, neither of which were touched. Two were started during the conference.

The March book report will be a lengthy one.

The cats were delighted to see us upon our return. Rudi’s student, John, is a great catsitter and always goes above and beyond the call of duty. Nonetheless, Della and Jeremiah have been clingy since our return — and they’ll be disappointed to learn that we’ll be heading home again at Easter. Posey is a less demonstrative cat and she takes our absences in stride. She is doglike in many ways, but getting emotional about our deserting her for lengths of time is not one of them.

I ought to clean tonight because two friends have suggested they might stop by during the next two weeks, but I find myself tired today. I want to adjourn to the couch with some cats, a hot cup of tea, and some podcasts or one of the aforementioned books, so I think I’ll sign off to do just that.

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