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March 9, 2006

titles, josh’s dish, and potential visits
posted by soe 4:51 pm

Thursdays means it’s time to think back on the beauty of the last week:

1. Sam and Alexis got married six months ago, but if you spend any time with them you really pick up on the fact that they still totally get a kick out of saying “my wife” or “my husband” when speaking of each other. It’s cute to see two people who are so in love.

2. Growing up, my brother’s favorite meal was chicken, rice, and broccoli (also known as Chicken Divan). He wasn’t at my folks’ this weekend when Mum made a batch, but we thoroughly enjoyed it in his honor.

3. Today the National Park Service announced their best guess as to when the cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin will be in peak bloom. A number of friends have suggested they might come visit during that time, so it’s exciting to be able to provide them with info. (It’s March 27-April 1, the first week of the Cherry Blossom Festival, by the way.)

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