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July 28, 2005

snuggling, walking in the rain, and green
posted by soe 1:09 pm

It’s Thursday, so it must be time for Three Beautiful Things from the last week:

1. While at Falcon Ridge, we camped with Mike and Shelley and their kids, Daschel and Irisa. Dasch and Reesie are full of energy, but at night they eventually settle down and get very cuddly. I haven’t been around little kids a whole lot since last fall’s visit to Jason and Essia and their daughters Nina and Lylia, so it was good to replenish my snuggling quota. Because child-snuggling is just different from Rudi-snuggling or cat-snugggling.

2. Yesterday evening as I was walking to the Metro, the first frog-sized drops started to fall from the sky. By the time the train stopped at my station, the rain was coming down steadily. Usually people scamper when it’s raining, not wanting to get their work clothes all wet. But it’s been so hot and nasty that last night, everyone walked leisurely along, enjoying the stroll as we all got progressively damper. Utter bliss.

3. This morning the sun shone down into our window well and reminded me summertime can actually be nice. Because I couldn’t see past the window well flora from my seat, it seemed almost as if the sunbeams emanated from the young saplings themselves, creating a remarkable glowing emerald green landscape for me to look at and making it seem like a glorious day to be alive.

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