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July 18, 2005

party, movie, farmers’ market, and reading
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Last I left you, I was having trifle troubles and was terribly late to our friend Shawn’s party. So it went.

Rudi went out and bought another quart of milk and I made a second batch of custard — refrigerating the first lot for our own use later in the week.

We managed to get to the party while there was still food, but not early enough to have our dishes eaten. But we did get to sample our own dishes (firsts for us on all three), and they were decent. The trifle is not quite like Gramma’s — but it wouldn’t be, would it? — but it’s tasty, and it benefits from a night in the fridge — something I will try to remember next time I want to serve it somewhere. As for the other dishes, Shawn’s red velvet cake finally gave me an insight into why so many people cite it as a favorite.

This morning, I slept in while Rudi dozed in the living room, reading the Tour de France coverage as it happened. After the first riders crossed the finish line, we headed to the farmers’ market to pick up peaches, milk, blueberries, corn on the cob, raspberries, lettuce, scones, and marscapone.

We spent the afternoon at the movies with John and Phillip watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. John and I agreed it and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory were sufficiently different so as to judge them separately, but my recollections from the last time I saw the Gene Wilder version (about 10 years ago) make me believe the original is a little creepier. I definitely liked the Oompa Loompas in the original better. I have liked Johnny Depp since he starred in 21 Jump Street (back when Fox was a fledgling network with national programming only on one night), so it was definitely two worthwhile hours spent with friends.

This evening, we’ve spent reading Harry Potter. I have stopped for the night, wanting to savor it a little longer and realizing that if I went past where I paused, I would have to finish it tonight. Rudi has opted to finish it and to refrain from dropping hints until I finish tomorrow evening.

On tap for the remainder of week: a lot of work before I pack it in Tuesday to head out for a few days of well-earned vacation. Then, Spamalot on Broadway Wednesday and camping at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival through the weekend. I hope to come back Monday rested, tanned (that book on healthy skin I’m currently writing be damned), a little sore from a good amount of bike riding, and with a long list of musicians worth listening to.

So, I apologize in advance if posting here is a little light this week. I’ll be thinking about you (even if I’m not leaving you notes here), and will post long tributes to my new (and old) favorite bands next week.

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