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February 23, 2020

sunday plans
posted by soe 2:30 am

Phoenix Bike Mural

I’m currently hanging out at the Phoenix airport waiting for the red-eye plane that will take me home. It’s been a long couple days and I’m done. I may not be awake long enough for the flight attendant instructions.

But I will make good use of tomorrow. I should arrive home just as the farmers market opens, so I’ll take the compost over and get some breakfast before I take a short nap with Corey.

I have bowling in the early afternoon (thus only a short sleep) and would like to follow that up by planting some peas in my garden. And maybe I’ll return a few things to the library.

Tomorrow night I need to stay awake long enough to watch the final installment of Sanditon and to greet Rudi when he returns from coaching in central Pennsylvania. However, I’m betting he won’t object too much if I want to make it an early night. Monday’s coming fast, after all… (Plus, the next work trip begins on Wednesday.)

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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