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May 4, 2008

knitting… too busy to post…
posted by soe 12:06 am

I’m knitting my fingers off in a doomed attempt to finish something for tomorrow.


In the meantime, rest assured that in the next week we will have posts on a variety of topics, including:

  • Maryland Sheep and Wool (tomorrow, after we get back!)
  • a ridiculous number of books (Into the Stacks returns!)
  • a frustrating morning spent at the Servathon
  • the bounty the mail has delivered to me recently
  • pictures from the garden
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Can’t wait to hear about Maryland. Hope the weather was better than it was here!

Comment by Lisa 05.04.08 @ 6:20 am

Good luck with finishing that! Have fun with the wooly goodness too- nothing like that happens down here- too hot!

Comment by Sarah 05.04.08 @ 8:59 am