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April 5, 2024

all that came before, more than numbers, and visitor
posted by soe 1:18 am

Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. I pass by two men my parents’ age standing next to a car in front of a nearby hotel. “Thank you,” one says. “This was my first meal with a friend in six months.” And then they hug.

2. Karen and her 13-year-old daughter, Livia, meet up with me for lunch. I haven’t seen either of Karen’s kids since before the pandemic, and Livia has grown from a kid into a young woman.

3. I’m peeling potatoes at the sink for Easter dinner when I look up and spy a turkey just at the edge of the plateau my parents live on. They used to get flocks stopping by multiple times a day, but the turkeys understandably started avoiding their house after they got a dog. We’re hopeful that lone bird will tell her friends to put their property back on the itinerary.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world lately?

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