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February 12, 2020

a pre-birthday sensing post
posted by soe 1:13 am

I thought I’d share a sense (or five) of what’s going on in the Burrow tonight:

Seeing: A lot of mess, but much of it good mess like piles of books to read and dvds to watch. The warm light of the floor lamp combined with the fairy lights around the perimeter of the room.

Smelling: The barest hint of the broccoli dish Rudi stir-fried for supper tonight. Possibly also some of the citrus I bought last week.

Tasting: Toothpaste. (I’m heading to bed after posting this.)

Hearing: The hum of the refrigerator. An occasional car driving by. (There was just the acceleration of an SUV or truck trying to make the light.) Corey padding around in the kitchen.

Touching: The warmth and softness of my polar fleece lounge pants. The too comfortable sag of my couch cushion.

And a bonus:

Feeling: Excited about trips to Connecticut, Phoenix, and Fort Lauderdale this month and my birthday at the end of the week. Stressed about a couple of work projects. Achy in my knees from three days in a row of sports (I’m counting bowling), including tonight’s very vigorous volleyball game. Sleepy and ready for bed.

Good night!

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