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January 22, 2020

fo: posey socks
posted by soe 1:54 am

Posey Socks

This weekend I wove in the ends and wore for the first time my Posey socks. I’d finished the knitting — which I started back in January 2018 — this past spring, but had simply put them away for the season at the time.

I bought the yarn, Lollipop Yarn Quintessential Gripes in Purrfection, the day our cat Posey died back in 2017. I’d picked up the ball because the colors reminded me of her — she was white with grey and brown patches and had an adorable pink nose and pink ears that stood out through her fur — and then saw the name, and pretty much knew it was a sign.

Cat in a Box

The dark grey of the heel and toe was a mini skein from MarigoldJen Yarns that I picked up at the Homespun Yarn Party a couple years ago.

Much like Posey, the socks are soft and comfortable and adorable.

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I love that you have a happy pretty pair of socks to be named for her. xo

Comment by Bridget 01.22.20 @ 7:40 am

I love how they turned out and I especially like the coordinating heels and toes!

Comment by Kat 01.22.20 @ 8:38 am

a very neat way to keep that loving memory in your heart and on your feeT!

Comment by kathy b 01.22.20 @ 6:34 pm