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January 18, 2020

long weekend planning
posted by soe 1:17 am

I have Monday off, which means I get to fill three days with some combination of fun and chores. Here’s some of what I’m thinking that might include:

  • Taking part in the Women’s March. I’m just going to march, not hang around for speechifying, nor take part in the theatrical flash mob singalong they’ve planned.
  • Having a hot drink with Sarah after the March.
  • Finishing some overdue correspondence.
  • Washing laundry.
  • Listening to my audiobook.
  • Putting away the last of the Christmas decorations.
  • Bowling.
  • Baking cookies. Maybe I will make myself a batch of Gramma cookies, since her birthday was today.
  • Doing something with Rudi on Monday after he’s back from coaching.
  • Knitting another row on my shawl.
  • Clearing off my couch and my coffee table.
  • Catching up on some sleep.

What are you thinking about doing this weekend?

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Enjoy the March and the extra day off! I also have Monday off (miracle!). My weekend plans mostly involve cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. Well, and paying bills. Ugh. But it’s supposed to snow today, and if it does, I am going to go out and do all the fun snowy day things.

Comment by Karen 01.18.20 @ 12:43 pm

Oh thank you for going to the March!!! Thank you Sprite.
We shoveled a bunch of ice snow. Then I created a joke snow dog for my neighbors. I don’t know how I get so involved in these unplanned projects. I get so distracted. Other plans: Now at the bike/coffee shop with Fireman. Change of pace . Glad to see the place is hopping . Love the owner Ann

Comment by Kathy b 01.18.20 @ 3:13 pm