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August 26, 2019

posted by soe 1:36 am


Our weekend was a nice one, with gorgeous weather than encouraged spending time outside.

Friday morning, Rudi and I headed to a cafe we enjoy for elevenses after attending a talk. We cuddled under an awning as a light rain came down and cool air descended into the region.

Saturday, we headed over to the eastern side of the neighborhood for a street festival. Rudi bought a new mug after discovering a crack was developing in his favorite one and I bought the last two baggies of cookies some a senior citizen group was selling. We stopped in at the local Japanese food store, sat outside at the popsicle stand reading and knitting (Rudi did less of the latter, obviously), and came home to watch the latest episode of a new tv show we’re enjoying.

Today, I did a little shopping at the farmers market, picked up a pair of bagels hot and fresh from the local bagelry, and sat in the park. We spent the evening with friends, barbecuing on their balcony, before returning home.

It was a good weekend.


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You have me wanting really good bagels. When we drop zach off at the airport in 2 days (SIGH CRY) I will see if we can stop for bagels.

Comment by kathy b 08.26.19 @ 9:32 pm