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June 29, 2019

final june weekend planning
posted by soe 12:53 am

Aliens Are Coming

The last days of June are slated to bring more of the hot, hazy, humid weather that’s been pressing down on D.C. this week. Today, after a morning excursion, I pretty much hid in our bedroom in front of the fan with all the rest of the lights in the apartment off. Obviously, that should not be my M.O. for the weekend, so here’s my plan:

  • Work at the garden. Saturday is one of our periodic garden work days where we all put in time on the communal spaces of the garden. Plus, I’d like to get some beans planted in my plot, now that Rudi and I have found the ground again.
  • Go swimming.
  • Read a book. I’d like to get With the Fire on High back to the library. Acevedo is a D.C. resident and there’s a long hold list on this already overdue book.
  • Check out the Folklife Festival. This year’s government shutdown put the kibosh on their usual international festival, so they opted to examine the social power of music, with a specific focus on the music of D.C.
  • Track down raspberries at the farmers market. Yes, I’m still on the hunt.
  • Deal with the fruit in my fridge.
  • Find the title to the car. It’s here someplace. Just not in any of the places I’ve looked so far. Probably this requires a more concerted cleaning effort. Also, I maybe wasn’t looking far enough back, since I was thinking we’d brought it down in 2012, but apparently it was 2009 or early 2010.
  • Repaint my nails. (Obviously after the garden work…)
  • Eat pizza. It seems like a good weekend to do that, but we might punt it to next week.
  • Replenish my tea canisters. And make iced tea, since I’ll have the box with all my teas in it open.
  • Do laundry. I really wish I’d remembered we’d need quarters while I was out today. Now I need to hit the atm and the bank (but not the atm at the bank, where it charges money) before heading to the garden in the morning…
  • Watch a film, probably at home. We have The Kid Who Would Be King out from the library, I have a free rental from Red Box that I have to use by Monday, and I see Kanopy has acquired Colette. Plus Netflix keeps adding new movies practically every week.

How about you? What’s on your weekend agenda?

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Last night we watched “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” with the kids. We spent today poolside with family. Tomorrow we prep our bedroom for painting (finally!).

I hope you find your title and are rewarded with raspberries!

Comment by Karen 06.29.19 @ 10:28 pm