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May 20, 2019

notes from the garden: mid-may
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I’ve spent two evenings at the garden this week, pulling it back into shape after all the rain we’ve had and planting the seedlings I purchased at the beginning of the month.


When I arrived on Wednesday, I was greeted with bolted sorrel, as tall as I was.

Garden: May 19

By the time I left tonight, it looked a little better.

I’m growing at least three types of peas (I planted nine varieties, I think…).

There are purple and green pods:

Purple Peas

Green Peas

And then there are these pea plants, which are short and stocky and have what look like they should be black-eyed pea flowers:

Fava Bean Flowers

These are, it turns out, the fava beans I planted. Cool, eh?


My chard seeds are doing well, as are some of the other greens I planted from seed, although they’re way shorter.


I harvested four types of greens today that were turned into tonight’s salads. There’s definitely romaine, arugula, and mizuna, all of which I planted from seedling, and one other that has jumped up from seeds I planted — upland cress, I think.

Spring Onions & Bronze Fennel

The rest of my spring plants are doing well, too. As you can see, my spring onions have flourished, to such a degree that I’m going to have a little bit of a challenge getting my potatoes in. My mint, oregano, lavender, rosemary, and bronze fennel (which reseeded itself) are also doing well. I put hay (stolen from the garden’s decorative banana plant’s winter bedding) under my strawberry plants this spring, and it has so far had the benefit of keeping the slugs from devouring all my strawberries before I get to partake of them. I’ve gotten about a dozen berries out of the garden so far and hope to have several dozen more as the season goes on.

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Your garden looks amazing! You are so far ahead of us!

Comment by Kat 05.20.19 @ 7:34 am