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May 18, 2019

mid-may weekend planning
posted by soe 1:04 am

Nationals vs. Cubs

We started off the weekend nicely, with a beautiful evening for a ballgame, although it turned into a bit of the rout of the local team, with the Cubs picking run after run off the Nationals’ pitchers for a painful four-plus hours.

Rudi has to work both days (the perils of working in the cycling industry during Bike Month), but I still hope to get in a few fun things amidst my chores:

  • I’m behind on my job-hunting this week, so that has to take top billing.
  • I also need to get my remaining tomatoes and peppers into the ground. I only got two-thirds in on Wednesday evening before I ran out of daylight.
  • We tore the apartment apart last night a bit, so I need to do some cleaning/organizing.
  • I’d like to finally make strawberry shortcake.
  • And eat some vegetables. I have lettuce from the garden that I should turn into a salad.
  • A trip to the library is in order because apparently the holds were out of order the other day and I didn’t pick up the one that’s expiring tomorrow. An extra trip to the library is rarely a bad thing, though.
  • On Sunday, Porchfest, a series of concerts that takes over the front stoops of a given neighborhood, will be across the river in Southeast. The weather will be warm, but depending on how ambitious I’m feeling, I might give it a shot.
  • The Giro is currently underway, so we will watch a little cycling at some point.
  • I also need to catch up on my correspondence.
  • The snow fence is finally down in the park after months of a renovation project, so I might just spend hours lounging and reading and knitting.
  • I did not paint my nails last weekend, but the pool opens next weekend, so now would be a good time to do it.
  • There’s a Hawaiian Cultural Festival at the American Indian Museum, so that could be fun to check out.

What are you hoping to tackle this weekend?

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Sorry, but not really. Just compassionate THEMS MY CUBBIES

Comment by kathy b 05.18.19 @ 12:15 pm