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May 16, 2019

mid-day unraveling
posted by soe 1:36 am

Mid-May Unraveling

We had sun and warmth for the first time in ages this afternoon, so I stopped by Big Bear Cafe on my way back from my library book group to sit and read the book I picked up afterwards.

The book, Alexia Gordon’s Murder in G Major, was recommended to me on Monday when I remarked to the Bout of Books Twitter chat that I was really hankering after cozies with non-white main characters. While I’m grateful that this mystery features a Black woman conductor and musician as its lead, and I like an Irish cottage as a setting, I’m not loving the book so far. I’m hoping it gets more comfortable with itself once it’s not introducing characters anymore.

I’m still listening to P.S. I Still Love You and also have picked Kelly Yang’s middle-grade novel Front Desk, about family of Chinese immigrants who run a hotel run by a not-such-a-nice guy.

I didn’t knit on my Smock Madness socks at all last week, so these look exactly like they did then. I found the pattern and I resumed my toe decreases while at the cafe this afternoon. However, I didn’t have a chibi with me, so the second sock had to wait for another day.

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The volume of rain is bordering on depressing. The mosquitoes might be the only things that are truly loving this weather!

I have had socks on the brain recently, and I am trying a new thing for me – toe up socks!

Comment by Kat 05.16.19 @ 6:49 am

If I were to commit a musical murder, it would be in a minor key.

I hope the book gets better as it goes along!

Comment by Karen 05.16.19 @ 8:04 am

I can stop looking at the baked good by the butter…….

Comment by kathy b 05.16.19 @ 6:46 pm