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May 11, 2019

early may weekend planning
posted by soe 1:52 am

It’s supposed to rain off and on all weekend, with more on than off. Regardless, here are some things I’m hoping to accomplish:

  • Call my mom and Rudi’s.
  • Visit a couple European embassies. I think I’m down to only four I haven’t stopped by at one point or another — Netherlands (and even then, I’m pretty sure we caught them one year when they were renovating and hosting events in another building), Ireland, Malta, Portugal, and the Czech Republic. We’ll see if I can cross any of them off tomorrow.
  • Watch the Funk Parade. Don’t you wish your town had a parade dedicated to fun dance music?
  • Get the plants I bought last Sunday in the ground. The garden is going to be awfully muddy, though, so this one just might not happen.
  • Buy strawberries at the farmers market. Optimistically the rain could keep people away and I could get a great deal on a bulk buy. More likely is that it’s Mother’s Day and there will be no strawberries left by 9:15.
  • Send out some resumes.
  • Mull over buying a new suit for interviews. First, dig out my most recent suits and see if either of them fit. Since I bought them more than a decade ago, I’m not optimistic.
  • Switch out my winter and summer wardrobes. I’ve started to do this a couple times, which realistically just means I currently have piles of all sorts of clothes all over the apartment.
  • Make strawberry shortcake.
  • See if I can fix my beloved bike helmet. (Part of the adjuster dial popped off the back band.) At the very least I think I should be able to make it a set size (which will then only mean I can’t wear a high ponytail or a hat under it). If not, see if the helmet that Rudi says is too big for him will fit me. It gave me a headache when I tried it on, but that could just have been all the strap tugging. If none of those things work, order the new helmet I found.
  • Spend time with Rudi.
  • Paint my nails.

What are you hoping your weekend includes?

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This is an ambitious list! I have plants to get in the ground too (which I don’t think will happen this weekend, but maybe!) Have a great weekend!

Comment by Kat 05.11.19 @ 7:22 am

We went out to see Detective Pikachu, which I thought was delightful but probably loses something if you aren’t a Pokémon fan who gets delighted to see all the characters you already know and love.

I decided to explore the Furry subculture, and beyond doing some sketching and looking at Facebook groups, I actually braved the world to go to a Meetup of the San Diego Furries. It was supposed to be at Balboa park, which I wandered around for twenty minutes looking lost and confused and getting my tail wet and dirty before re-checking the Meetup to see that it had moved to Kearny Mesa Bowling. I made it there, but that was about as much energy I had for reaching out, so I only managed to talk to the people who came up and introduced themselves to me.

On Sunday I ran a game of Ponyfinder for my friends, which include a couple of teens who are the twin daughters of one of my gamer friends. And Eric and I went through the GenCon looking for events to register for. Later, David and I stared in shock at the TV while GoT happened.

Comment by Grey Kitten 05.14.19 @ 3:53 am