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May 4, 2019

first may weekend planning
posted by soe 1:07 am

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It doesn’t seem fair that I go along all winter desperately investigating and inventing things to do and then spring shows up and suddenly some weekend in April there’s a nimiety (I just found this word, but I’m totally inserting into conversations now…) of activities to squeeze between Friday and Sunday.

This weekend, those things include:

  • Finish a cover letter.
  • Pick up freebies at Free Comic Book Day (there are two comic book shops within a mile of our apartment).
  • Visit embassies for their annual open house.
  • Stop at my local library branch for their first used book sale.
  • Head across town to a friend’s housewarming party. (Also, pick up a gift. I wonder if he’d like some free comic books… But it will probably be alcohol.)
  • Plant the four seedlings I dropped off at the garden on Wednesday. Also, thin some of my seeds. (Seriously, it’s like the only ones that wanted to grow were the ones I dropped in groups.)
  • Buy strawberries and pea shoots and asparagus at the farmers market.
  • Send out some mail. (May is a very mail-y month.)
  • Spend Sunday at admiring sheep and petting wool (and vice versa) at Sheep & Wool.
  • Return the rental car. (Rudi has to go to Pennsylvania in the morning for a meeting and it didn’t cost much more to keep it another day so I could head up to Howard County on Sunday.)

How about you? What do you have on tap for the weekend?

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Have fun! We bought some furniture yesterday, so our main task for this weekend is to pick it up. Livia needs some sewing supplies, so that’s more shopping to be done. And it’s grey and wet outside but not raining, so some wandering around outside is in order. Nothing sets off the colors of spring quite like the grey.

Comment by Karen 05.04.19 @ 10:34 am

Had lunch with my friend Martha on Friday. She’s going to be a grandma – her oldest son’s girlfriend is pregnant.

Broke out my sketchpad and did a few random doodles this weekend.

Today, meeting up with people in about an hour, to finish Simon’s Monster of the Week game. It was supposed to be a one-shot, but we went long on Easter, and we were having too much fun to rush the ending, so we scheduled another session to savor it.

Comment by Grey Kitten 05.05.19 @ 2:10 pm