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April 30, 2019

notes from the garden: end of april
posted by soe 1:49 am

April Garden

I stopped by the garden yesterday to do some work. My pea plants are thigh-high now, so I’ve run the trellis up another couple feet.

My violets have all gone past, so I pulled out a bunch of the leaves (but not their roots) in an effort not to let their greens take over all my available space. I have to do this every April when they are way taller than the strawberry plants they share their bed with.


I planted both seeds and seedlings earlier this month and both are doing well. I should start harvesting some of the lettuce leaves next week, I think.

I weeded the back section of my plot, which is the worst spot, since it abuts the forest. I cut back the dead wood of the rosemary plant and pulled out a ton of the creeping groundcover vines that had infiltrated my space. I should be able to plant some additional herbs this coming week. (In addition to the rosemary, I have oregano, fennel, and mint growing back there. In with the strawberries and violets, I have a lavender plant I should move next fall…).

My sorrel has already grown so much it’s started to bolt. I picked a helmet’s worth (I forgot a bag and had to make do) of the biggest leaves and will do something with them this week. Maybe soup, maybe something else.


I also harvested one of the oniony things I planted last fall in my potato patch. I don’t know if it made its way into last night’s or tonight’s dinner or if Rudi is waiting to use

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Oh how your garden grows! No food planting here. Lots of attention to our trees and perennial flowers.

Comment by kathy b 04.30.19 @ 11:44 am